TA Holding's core values

  • Its own development and designs: TA Holding has its own design and development department. As a result TA Holding is continually able to develop new products and determine market trends.
  • Plenty of buying power and high-quality sourcing: TA Holding's strong market position means it has plenty of purchasing power and is able to produce, or arrange the production of, large quantities at low cost price. Its rich experience with product sourcing in China and Europe means TA Holding is able to guarantee high quality.
  • Strong stock position and high level of service: TA Holding has substantial but well-balanced stocks. This stock position is crucial for rapid deliveries. TA Holding's level of service is particularly high and very reliable. A robust organisation combined with efficient stock management means that TA Holding is always able to meet agreed delivery deadlines.
  • Professional organisation: TA Holding has a flat organisation structure with short lines of communication and specialists in every department. The development and design department is completely centralised, and the administration department partially centralised.
  • Well-established sales channels / market segmentation: TA Holding has itself segmented the market in such a way that the maximum result can be achieved at the various market levels, while excluding the risk of cannibalisation.
  • All products and formulas under one roof: TA Holding is a one-stop-shop. All the products can be supplied in de TA Holding group from stock. In addition, all TA Holding companies have a complete range for each market level.
  • Vision: TA Holding has a clear vision of the European market. This market is not transparent and is home to many small-scale players. TA Holding has a clear view on how the market will develop in the future and is therefore able to pursue a strategic growth policy.